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My Markers!!

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My Markers!! Empty My Markers!!

Post  PinkPanzer on Tue 25 May 2010, 05:47

I have ran Tippmann 98's - A5's and now a new Invert Mini. I am a big fan of Tippmann.
They make a very nice and reliable marker. Maintaining your Tippmann is easy. Just a few haxes and a bit of Lube and it will run like a champ.
I love the 98's I am not a fan of the Gravity feed hopper it comes with though. I have lost a few great fire fights due to it needing shook. lol

A-5 The Cyclone feeder is just BOSS. I love the a-5 it has to be my all time favorite MilSim Marker. It is always consistent, strong, reliable and is very comfortable to hold.

My Mini is too new to make many remarks. It may be too much marker for me. I bought this gun because of the weight of it. I cannot run very fast with the heavier milsim markers. I am hoping i can have a chance to compete or at least keep up with the dudes out there. I have shot it in my back yard 3 hoppers so far. I had 1 knarly Barrel break on the 2nd hopper.
I must say it is very foreign to me to have to put batteries in a marker. All in all I am happy with the mini so far. I do need to practice my trigger tickles. lol As soon as im able to play in a game with it I will update this post.

I love the mini!!!!! I was rocking the kasbah on Sunday at Paintball Battlezone!!!! Oh yes the mini is my favorite gun now. I can keep up pretty well. I was not at my 100% so I cant wait until I am. I think I should be able to do really well!!!!.

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