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    Post  PinkPanzer on Tue 25 May 2010, 06:03

    OMG Spider.... What can I say.. Oh I know YUCK. I have not had even 1 good experience with a spyder marker. I bought a brand new Spyder Xtra it would not even chrono above like 90. WTF!!! balls rolled right out the barrel. I have fired an MR1 that is not too bad, I guess i have HAD 1 good experience. lol We bought a friend a spyder rodeo he wanted really bad. In the firs game the bolt fell out LOL. I just have not seen anything really good come from this company. And their customer service sux. I emailed my complaint / Inquiry about my new gun not chronoing. Their website said that I did something wrong to cause there sever to have a fatal error. WTF. I never was able to get ahold of someone and to this day have never gotten a call or email back. Luckily the shop I bought this gun from has the best customer service I have seen in years!!!! NW AMBUSH you folks Rock the house!!!!!!

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