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Vulcan Redemption Empty Vulcan Redemption

Post  PinkPanzer Sat 28 Aug 2010, 05:13

OMG!!!! what a great paint. It breaks easily and can been seen from a great distance. Bright creamy fill Smooth, nearly seamless construction. This ball is the cadillac of paintballs. it goes where it is supposed to. I have yet to see a curve or fly away with this stuff and I have gone through a dozen or more cases.

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Vulcan Redemption Empty Re: Vulcan Redemption

Post  OnSafari Sat 18 Sep 2010, 07:03

I agree "valken" sorry I had to set how it was spelled I almost spelled it the same way, for those trying to look it up online. http://www.valken.com/paintball/ This is there product online which this company ranges from paintball, racing, to hockey. There products for the price is well worth it due to high durability of there pants, jerseys, hoodies, knit hats and much more. Panzer and I where very reluctant to try this paintball fear for the price was to high for something we have never tried before but we were getting tired of rock hard ovaled dimpled crap.
We started out with tippmans 98's and at the time core paintball's was the best thing. With flat line barrels and where getting tired of sitting at the tail gate of the tuck cleaning our gear moved on to a better paintball's which was Draxus. That was a way better improvement to not having to clean nearly even as much as when we ran core paint ball's. Now the accuracy of the paint ball was becoming a issue. Now that we had a paint ball that could make it out the barrel without breaking inside or even ten feet out the marker. We could actually see the paint ball's going out the barrel and stray every where but where we where aiming. After a huge debate over the balls else where we where approached by a very good paintball tech that had a offer we could not refuse. "Valken Redemption" I took a bag for trial and tested it when pink was at work and OH MY GOD!!!!! this stuff ran through a invert mini smooth and was on target every single time no strays, chopped balls, I ran that whole bag through the mini and not one single break and every single ball broke and right in the area I was aiming. I took off the barrel thinking I had to swab it for debris and to my surprise not one single mark inside the barrel was like I never did a thing.
I at some point purchased more of it but with the intention of running it full throttle through my BT Delta fully modified to the hilt and to see how it would do. I ran two case through that marker and several air refills not one break and the barrel barely needed swabbing was like it was only dusty. When I mean full throttle I set the APE board to its top capacity "full auto with third setting on the rip clip for speed". What was the kicker of the whole thing every ball broke on target!!! No strays, No bouncers, No mid flight breakage, NO CHOPS, No paintball soup. I know weather I AM PAYING 50.00 TO 39.00 I want my paintball to break every time and to do so without inflicting serious pain. I play paintball to have fun not to inflicted pain if I want to inflict pain I would go play hockey or something like that.. I know there is people out there like use who pay hard earned money and walk away from a days worth of games disgusted that most of there day was bouncers and people complaining how they getting hit with rocks not paintballs. I do not wanna walk away thinking someone is pissed off at that I wanna walk away from a day of games refreshed for the next workweek and knowing when I go out the next weekend every one is ready for a tactical experience with a smile and laughing. I wanna say thanks to Espire for the hook up at throwing paint. He is the Portland's area rep for this wander full Paintball product. There internet address is here for those looking for a good quality paintball. http://throwingpaint.com/

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